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Oscar-Winning �Saving Face� Directors� Battle to End Horror of Acid Attacks Shakthi JothianandanMarch 7, 2012�In Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, we've seen Muslim-majority countries elect a woman to lead. Bangladesh�s Radical Islamists Get U.S.

Backing Kapil KomireddiJanuary 11, 2014�Embassies have been closed across a large swath of Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Bangladesh. a republic in S Asia: formerly the Eastern Province of Pakistan; became independent in 1971 after civil war and the defeat of Pakistan by India; consists of the plains and vast deltas of the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers; prone to flooding: economy based on jute and jute products (over 70 per cent of world production); a member of the Commonwealth.

Language: Bengali. Religion: Muslim. Currency: taka. Capital: Dhaka. Pop: 163 654 860 (2013 est). Area: 142 797 sq km (55 126 sq miles) Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition� William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 � HarperCollinsPublishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Cite This Source Bangladesh [(bahng-gluh- desh, bang-gluh- desh)]Republic in southern Asia, bordered by India to the north, west, and east; the Bay of Bengal to the south; and Burma to the southeast.

Its capital and largest city is Dacca. Note: Created as East Pakistan in 1947, when India gained its independence from Britain and Muslim leaders demanded a Muslim state. Separated by cultural differences and one thousand miles of Indian territory from a neglectful central government in West Pakistan (now Pakistan), Bangladesh achieved its independence in 1971 after a bloody revolt and Indian intervention. It has been struck frequently by devastating typhoons. � Home� Dictionary�� English the bangla meaning of erailer Bengali(E2B)� Bengali to English(B2E)� Bengali to Bengali(B2B)� Category� Instruction� Grammar� English Lessons� Browse�� All Words (E2B)� All Words (B2E)� All Words (B2B)� Words of Four Letters� Words of Three Letters� English-Bangla Idioms� English-Bangla Phrases� Appropriate Prepositions� Translator Appropriate Preposition:Browse all �� Preferable to ( ???? ?????????? ) Death is preferable to dishonor.� Excuse for ( ???????? ????? ) He will not be excused for coming late.� Contrary to ( ?????? ) His action is contrary to his words.� Sensible of ( ??? ??????? ) She is sensible of the risk.� Die by ( ???? ????? (???) ) He died by poison.� Search for ( ????????? ) Their search for the thing was of no avail. Idioms:Browse all �� Through thick and thin ( ???? ???????? ???? ???? ) Reveka followed her husband through thick and thin.� a piece of cake ( ???? ??? ) This assignment is a piece of cake� Man of straw ( ??????? ??? ) We do not care a fig for a man of straw like him.� bad shoot ( ????? ?????? )� vile sycophant ( ????? ?? )� pound of flesh ( ?? ??? ???? ???? ?? ) � Word-book� Sentence� Love-letter� Proverb� Paragraph� Vocabulary� Awesome� Cumin� Oat� Selfie� Poke� Preposition� Nebulous� Synonym� Spinach� Spelling� Verb� Parsley� Abandon� Pole-axe� View All > Archive Posts� Words and Terms for Every Internet Users (Part 1)� FIFA The bangla meaning of erailer Cup Brazil 2014 Overview� Abbreviation/ Acronyms� Bangla Typing (????? ?????)� Common errors in translation (part 1)� Common errors in translation (part 2)� Collective Phrases� Animal Voice� All Articles >> noun� ??? [lata]� ??????? [anugamika]Inflected forms trailers (noun plural) Definitions and Meaning of trailer in English noun� a wheeled vehicle that can be pulled by a car or truck and is equipped for occupancy� a large transport conveyance designed to be pulled by a truck or tractor� an advertisement consisting of short scenes from a motion picture that will appear in the near future� someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind Follow us on FacebookSynonyms of trailerhouse trailer, trailer, preview, prevue, dawdler, drone, laggard, lagger Antonyms of trailerNo matches.Information provided on trailerMeaning and definitions of trailer, translation in Bengali language for trailer with similar and opposite words.

Also find spoken pronunciation of trailer in Bengali and in English language. Tags for the entry "trailer"What trailer means in Bengali, trailer meaning in Bengali, trailer definition, examples and pronunciation of trailer in Bengali language.Also see: trailer in Hindi adverb� ?????? [purbe]Definitions and Meaning of earlier in English adjective� (comparative and superlative of `early') more early than; most earlyExamples- his earlier work reflects the influence of his teacher- Verdi's earliest and most raucous operaadverb� earlier in time; previouslyExamples- as I said before- he called me the day before but your call had come even earlier- her parents had died four years earlier- I mentioned that problem earlier� before now� comparatives of `soon' or `early'Example- came earlier than I expected Follow us on FacebookSynonyms of earlierearlier, earliest, before, in the beginning, in the first place, originally, to begin with Antonyms of earlierNo matches.Information provided on earlierMeaning and definitions of earlier, translation in Bengali language for earlier with similar and opposite words.

Also find spoken pronunciation of earlier in Bengali and in English language. Tags for the entry "earlier"What earlier means in Bengali, earlier meaning in Bengali, earlier definition, examples and pronunciation of earlier in Bengali language.Also see: earlier in Hindi � Home� Dictionary�� English to Bengali(E2B)� Bengali to English(B2E)� Bengali to Bengali(B2B)� Category� Instruction� Grammar� English Lessons� Browse�� All Words (E2B)� All Words (B2E)� All Words (B2B)� Words of Four Letters� Words of Three Letters� English-Bangla The bangla meaning of erailer English-Bangla Phrases� Appropriate Prepositions� Translator Appropriate Preposition:Browse all �� Appeal for ( ????? ??? (??? ????) ) He appealed for pardon.� Smell of ( ???? ??? ) This glass smells of wine.� Wish for ( ??????? ??? ) I do not wish for name and fame.� Greed for ( ??? ) He has no greed for wealth.� Divide into ( ?????? ??? (???) ) It was divided into several parts.� Arrive at ( ??????? ) We arrived at the station in time. Idioms:Browse all �� Cut to the quick ( ??????? ???? ) I was cut to the quick by his words.� By hook or by crook ( ?? ??? ????? ) You must do this work by hook or by crook.� Fish in a troubled water ( ??????? ??????? ????? ????? ) He made a lot of money by fishing in a troubled water.� Cut a sorry figure ( ????? ?? ??? ) He cuts a sorry figure in the examination.� By all means ( ?????????? ) Try to do it by the bangla meaning of erailer means.� In a hurry ( ????????? ????? ) Don't do the work in a hurry. � Word-book� Sentence� Love-letter� Proverb� Paragraph� Vocabulary� Awesome� Cumin� Oat� Selfie� Poke� Preposition� Nebulous� Synonym� Spinach� Spelling� Verb� Parsley� Abandon� Pole-axe� View All > Archive Posts� Words and Terms for Every Internet Users (Part 1)� FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Overview� Abbreviation/ Acronyms� Bangla Typing (????? ?????)� Common errors in translation (part 1)� Common errors in translation (part 2)� Collective Phrases� Animal Voice� All Articles >> � Asia� Bangla Desh� Bangladesh� Bangladeshi� Bengali� Brahmaputra� Brahmaputra River� bungle� capital of Bangladesh� Chittagong� Dacca� Dhaka� East Pakistan� Ganges� Ganges River� Hindooism� Hinduism� madrasa� madrasah Tenders are invited for special repair and strengthening of biswa bangla sarani by over lay of bm as profile corrective course and sdbc as wearing course from 4th the bangla meaning of erailer to jatragachi bridge (facing towards salt lake) in newtown, kolkata The online portal of a mass circulation Bangla newspaper, however, added that the Galib claimed him to be a member of recently banned Ansarullah Bangla Team militant outfit as well as member of another outlawed group, Hizb Ut-Tahrir. The Home Ministry's move to outlaw the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) comes almost a week after police asked the government to ban the group, suspecting it of being behind the deaths of three bloggers this year. The Bangladeshi community in the morning session presented English, Arabic and Bangla songs by Tanjina, modern song by Ahmed Sharif, sword dance, orchestra songs and folk songs by Faruk, patriotic Bangla songs besides theme drama in English, Arabic and Bangla. com)- Songdew joins hands with India's most popular private radio station Radio City Freedom to bring an amazing opportunity for Bangla rock bands to showcase their creative compositions in front of the nation with the Radio City contest Bangla Rock Special. � ^� Banff� Banff National Park� Banffshire� bang� bang about or around� bang away� bang down� bang in� bang into� bang on� bang on about� bang out� bang up� bangalay� Bangalore� bangalore torpedo� bangalow� bang-bang� banger� bangers and mash� Bangiaceae� bangin'� banging� Bangka� Bangkok� Bangla� Bangla Desh� Bangladesh� Bangladeshi� Bangladeshi monetary unit� bangle� Bangle ear� bang-on� Bangor� bangs� Bangs disease� Bang's disease� bangster� bangtail� bangtail muster� Bangui� bang-up� Bangweulu� Bangweulu Lake� banh mi� bani� banian� Banian days� banian tree� banish� banisher� � � ^� Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair� Bangkok Golf Club� Bangkok Hash House Bikers� Bangkok hemorrhagic fever� Bangkok Interbank Offered Rate� Bangkok International Banking Facility� Bangkok International Conference on Applied Business Research� Bangkok International Fashion Week� Bangkok International Schools Athletics Conference� Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre� Bangkok Junior Basketball League� Bangkok Mass Transit System� Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited� Bangkok Metropolitan Administration� Bangkok Network of Women� Bangkok Patana School� Bangkok Post Student Weekly� Bangkok province� Bangkok province� Bangkok province� Bangkok Regional Action Group� Bangkok Spring User Group� Bangkok Stock Exchange� Bangkok University� Bangkok University International College� Bangkok Vaccine Evaluation Group� Bangkok, Thailand� Bangkok, Thailand� Bangkok, Thailand� Bangkok, Thailand - Bangkok International Airport� Bangla� Bangla Adaptation of Mini-Mental State Examination� Bangla Desh� Bangla Desh� Bangla literature� Bangla Youth Empowerment Initiatives� Bangla Youth Project� Bangladeish� Bangladeish� Bangladesh� Bangladesh� Bangladesh� Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development� Bangladesh Acute Nerve Damage Study� Bangladesh Advanced Software Engineering� Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation� Bangladesh Agricultural Farm Labour Federation� Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council� Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute� Bangladesh Agricultural University� Bangladesh Agricultural University Extension Centre� Bangladesh AIDS Information and Documentation Services� Bangladesh Air Force� Bangladesh Air Force Women Welfare Association� Bangladesh Airline Pilots' Association� Bangladesh Amateur Radio League� Bangladesh Army� Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation Water Supply Project� Bangladesh Association for Laboratory Animal Science� Bangladesh Association for Maternal and Neonatal Health� Bangladesh Association for Plant Tissue Culture� � � Terms of Use� Privacy policy� Feedback� Advertise with UsCopyright � 2003-2016 Farlex, Inc DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.

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Google Book Search helps readersdiscover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. You can search through the full text of this book on the webat |http: //books .google .com/IHI nMLA DICTIONARYBENGALI LANGUAGEAN ENGLISH INTERPRETATION,COMPILED FBOH KAHVE AND OTHER AUTHOBIIIES.THE REV. WILLIAM MORTON.HIIIIOMAKT fftOH VB* IHCOErOftAtKD SOCIITT VO* TKI rftOVA-SATMV �> TBI OOSrSl IS lOftltOV FARTS.>SI>TBD BT TOWXSBMD.JaS. �. J4t.^'^^V > vt.TOTHE MOOT REVEREND THE PRESIDENT,THE RIGHT REVEREND AND OTHER MEMBERSOF THE INCORPORATED SOCIETTFOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE GOSPELIN FOREIGN PARTS,THIS WORK,COMPILED BV THE FIRST MISSIONARYOF THEIR APPOINTMENT TO INDIAA31D THE FIESrr FRUtTS OF HIS AUXIUARY LTTERARY LABOURSIN THAT EXTENSIVE FIELD,IB MOST HUMBLY AND RESPECTFULLY DEDICATEDBYTHEIR OBUGED AND GRATEFUL SERVANT.WILLIAM MORTON.PREFACE.THE DktioiMrir of tlw Beng&li laBgiuig� now offered to (1m jmblk, is tho remit ofseveral yean' aindnoiM i^ypKcadon more pftrticolarly directed to tkit speciil object*Cnly on his airiral in thu eoimtiy, die Compiler beouse Mneible of the wast of tocha compendinm, a mean between the meagreneie of a mere Tocabnliiy and the diffiiienemof the more eh^Kinte apedea of DictionaiiBa.

At the period when thia work waavndertakea� there were extant only the Tocabnlaiy of Mr. Foater and the large qnartoaofDr.Caiey. ^ ' * ^The fonnier, conaidered aa the iirat efint in Bengiii Lezioognphy of any European,mnat be conaidered to bear high and ample teatimony to the akiU and jadgment of thoauthor, aa well aa to hia extenaiTe acqnaintance with tl�e langoage.

Defiaent, it certainlyia ; bat the Compiler'a unaaaoming praf(Baaion� Vox �t frw ter ea nihil, prachidea any chaigeon that gionnd. Still it containa a maaa of moat Taluable mateiiala for anooeedingiezioographen, though in a atate, it moat be confeaaed, aomewhat chaotic and dificnltof application by a tyre in the hmgnage ; and the etndent, aa he adTancea, moat oftenbe aouck with the Conqnler'a accazatB acqnatntance with the idiomatical and ooUoqnialapi^kationa of tenna, conaidered aa mere Tocableat little connected with their generalnotiona.

Thoae who have made moat proficiency in thia tongoe are duly aenaible ofthe real excellence of the woik, and it moat be evident, to one competent to paaa ajudgment, that Mr.

Foater coold have been no acioliat in the geaeral principles ofiengnage. Had hia arrangement been better, hia Vocabnlary would only have neededdne enlargement to anawer all the porpoao of a atandard Dictionary. The work itronat be owned, however, ia extremely defective, ia diafignred and deteriorated byn large adnuxtore of Hk^uaUmi, &c.

and ia become, moreover, both acarce and dear.Yet it would be an extreme injoatioe, quite unworthy of an aapiiant to literaiy excel-lence, to withhold a tribnte dne to the laboon of one to whom the Con^nler of thopreaent wwk acknowledgea himaelf under the greateat obligationa.The ponderoua quartoa of Dr. Carey include a compilation of a widely diffuentcharncter, in bulk, aMuredly, exceediog the product of all othera together in thia field ;and if eathnated by that meaaure, they mnat be allowed, without dispute, to take theiirat place in the liat of woriu of their claaa.

From these alao the Compiler has drewnfieely, aa from a storehooae of vocablea, Imr the accumnlation of which Dr. Carey haalaid him and all other learnen of Beng&U under great and laating obligation. Aatndent of the provincial language would greatly eir, however, in the expectation offinding in these large volumes the actual exiating vocabnlary of the population, freefrom a atrange and beterogeneoua admixture of foreign terma, Persian, Avabic, &c.with every imaginable corruption of the colloquial medium on the one hand, as wellaa of high unnaturalixed Sanscrit worda on the other* The approved standard amongreapectably educated natiTcs is equally removed from both extremes, from the barbarismud vulgarity of the one, from the pedantiy and uninteUigiMlity of the other.In no accredited Dictionaiy of any literaiy languaae are the grosa vnlgariama of theboor and the low artisan admitted to hold a place, which decency and go^ taate refuaethem.With regard to the higher style, indeed, the derivatives of the learned language ofIndia differ materially from many Western tongues ; inasmuch aa the former are abeoiutelydepsndant, for sdentifical, theological, and general literary terms and phraseology, onthe polished language of ti^e Biabmina ; the Bengkli periiaps more so than any of itscognate dialects: and, in genenl, a polished and learned style must necessarily befonaed on the model of the Sanscrit, aa well aa funiiahed from its vocabulary.

A duo^Recrimination ia, however, indispensable in detailing the meanings of pure Sanscritterms, many of whoae native applications are quite unknown to the derivative dialect.I>r. Carey'a great woriL, is aa much depreciated in value aa it ia augmented in bulk, bya maaa of matter utterly irrelevant to the study of the provincial tongue; in nearlyfvevy inatance, the Sanscrit Dictionaiy of Dr.

Wilaon bemg tmnscribed verbatim intoita pages, to the utter conluaion of the atndent, who ia thua

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