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� Now Boarding� Road Rave� The Audiophile� Weekly Rewind� Awesome Tech� Weekend Workshop� Trends with Benefits� More Features� Douglas Rushkoff� David Weinberger� Patrick Norton� More Opinions � Best Smartphones and Cell Phones� Best TVs� Best Headphones� Best Cameras� Best Laptops� Best Desktop PCs� Best Tablets� Best Cars� RSS� DT Newsletter� Twitter� Facebook� Google+� LinkedIn� Instagram� Pinterest� YouTube Microsoft�s Azure cloud platform�is powerful enough to recognize how old the subjects of photos are (some�of the time), but now the Redmond company�s applying�its distributed computational might to�another, equally worthy cause: finding your likely twin.

A new site, Twins Or Not, compares the uploaded portraits of two people and�gives a �twin score� proportional to the resemblance.Much like, Twins Or Not makes use of Microsoft�s Machine Learning tools, which apparently helped minimize the�project�s complexity and development time.�Matt Velloso, a software engineer at Microsoft, managed to launch�the site in four hours from a hotel room in the Czech Republic.

�Yes, it is that simple. We can create amazing, fun and useful sites and applications one after another, as many as we want,� he�wrote�in a blog post.Related: Who ya gonna call? Microsoft�s age-guessing photo site finds ghostly face in pictureTwins Or Not may not be the most pragmatic demonstration�of the new cloud APIs exhibited�at Microsoft�s�recent Build conference, but it�s undeniably great exposure., despite (or perhaps because of) its inaccuracy, gained impressive traction on social media � Velloso says it was used by �millions of people� � before�rolling out to Bing image search.It remains to be seen if Twins Or Not has the same viral potential�as its sister�creation, but given the results are ready-made timeline�material � who would�ve guessed pop sensation Katey Perry�looks nothing like Oscar winner Matthew McCanaughey, or that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are practically indistinguishable?

� an explosion of�Twitter and Facebook sharing�is�pretty much primed.If you�d like to have Microsoft�s computers tell you how much they think you look like an Internet stranger, or perhaps compare the most absurd combinations of celebrities, politicians, and family members you can think of, head on over to the Twins Or Not page.

But ensure you have a few spare minutes ��if you�re anything like us, you�ll�end up spending way�more time there than�you intended. Note: Check out our latest API collections page for the list of updated APIs.There has been a lot of buzz around Face Recognition since Google Glass was announced. We believe that face recognition will open up a ton of possibilities in how we interact not just with each free face comparison software, but with objects as well � whether it�s with Glass or not.To help you in your journey of exploring face recognition, we have below a long list of face detection and recognition APIs that you can use for your applications.

Enjoy! API #TitleLink1Face RecognitionStephen here from Lambda Labs. For sample code and a graphical demo, check out Our API provides face recognition, facial detection, eye position, nose position, mouth position, and gender classification. If you have any questions ask! Just send an email to Happy Hacking! -Stephen2Face (Detection)A computer vision api for facial recognition and facial detection that is a perfect replacement. We currently have a free api for face detection.3Animetrics Face RecognitionThe Animetrics Face Recognition API can be used to detect human faces in pictures.

Information on facial features or landmarks is returned as coordinates on the image. Animetrics Face Recognition will also detect and return the orientation, or pose of faces along 3 axes.4Skybiometry Face Detection and RecognitionAn easy to use Face Detection and Recognition API.

You must have an application created in your account at SkyBiometry to use it (sign up at if you don�t have account yet).5Face++Face++ uses the cutting-edge technology of computer vision and data mining to provide 3 core vision services (Detection, Recognition and Analysis). Our API provides the detection and analysis of Landmark (23points), Landmark (81 points), Attributes: Age,Gender, Glasses, Race, etc.6FaceMarkFaceMark is a powerful API for facial feature detection. It finds 68 points for a frontal face and 35 for a profile one.

FaceMark detects landmarks for faces on the image specified by URL or uploaded as a file and produces JSON output containing a vector of facial landmarks and orientation for each face found.7EmoVu by EyerisArtificially Intelligent emotion recognition software that allows cameras to look back and read people�s facial micro-expressions, gender and age group in real time as they watch videos on their computers or mobile devices.8Face and scene recognition by alternative!

Our fast, robust and scalable rekognition engine can do facial detection, crawling, recognition, scene understanding! It can be automatically trained using images and tags on Facebook!9FaceRectFaceRect is a powerful and free API for face detection.

It finds faces (both frontal and profile) on the image specified by URL or uploaded as a file and is able to find multiple faces on a single photo, producing JSON output with a bounding box for each face found.10Betaface APIface detection and recognition11EyeFaceEnables face detection, landmark estimation and age / gender recognition in images.12Kairos2D to 3D face detection and facial recognition API.Last Update: Feb 5th, 2015Note: Check out our latest API collections page for the list of updated APIs.You should also check out our other useful API lists for machine learning, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, SMS APIs, and summarization APIs. � What we do� Features� FotoTiger� Fotobounce overview� How we�re unique� Case Studies� Feature Video� Testimonials� Free Download� Community� News� Press releases� Media Coverage� Reviews� Support� FAQ� Tutorials� Tips & Techniques� Tech Forum� Email Support� About Us� Giving Back� Privacy Statement� Fotobounce Software License� Fotobounce Store� Contact Fotobouncewith the best face tagging in the worldAvailable for Windows and Mac desktops from our download page.�And get FotoTiger for your Apple or Android devices.

Check out our new authentication product line called Ver-ID. J.R. is another happy Fotobounce desktop user. She just told us she finished organizing 10,000 photos with Fotobounce and loves the product!~ J.R.

(Dec 2014)I have over 70,000 pictures and have always struggled with trying to organize my pictures. My daughter has recently graduated from High School and I have decided I would like to send the parents the pictures I have taken over the years. So far it has been a daunting task. Fotobounce has been instrumental in getting these pictures organized so that I can effectively share them.Thanks for your product.~ Barbara (May 2014)I've worked with three different face recognition software packages, and Fotobounce is the best at face recognition and is the easiest to use.

The remote viewer for iPhone is really fun!~ BVB - Ossining NY (Apr 2014) � Home� About� Contact� Disclosure Statement� Blog� Resources� Beginning Genealogy� Genealogy Book Club� Book Club articles (listed newest to oldest)� Podcasts� Frequently Asked Questions� Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcast� Genealogy Gems Podcast� Mobile Apps� Premium� Subscribe� Premium Podcast� Premium Videos� Seminars� Book Lisa� Lisa�s Schedule� Societies� Society & Group Package� Video Classes included in Package� Videos� Google Search Process� Google Earth for Genealogy� How to Create Videos� Our YouTube Channel� Store� Who are the look-alikes in your family?

A new free facial recognition web app compares your pictures to see just how strong those family resemblances are!Recently I saw an article online that practically begged me to read it: � 22 Photos Which Prove That Your Genes are Amazing.� It shows a series of �photographs of�people who, despite belonging to�different generations within their families, are as�alike as�two peas in�a�pod.� (Take a look!

Those photos are pretty cool!)Of course, that got me thinking about the look-alikes in my own family, and I had to find and compare their pictures. I came across these two sets of look-alikes. Unfortunately, their faces are not posed or angled the same direction, but when I look at those faces, I am struck by their physical resemblance to each other.That got me wondering�is there a free online tool that will let us use facial recognition technology to compare two faces?

I got Googling�and there is!Microsoft�s Twins or Not facial comparison web app�recently launched. It�s so new they�re still refining it. But it works and it�s super easy to use. I fed in my first two lookalikes and the results came up as a 58% match: pretty astounding for a three-degree difference in blood relation (from a grand-daughter two generations up to her grandmother, then one person over to her sister).

The second match wasn�t quite as strong: just 39%. That�s still pretty striking for four degrees of difference on the family tree!I was curious about how the look-alike relatives shown in that article would rank in Twins or Not. So I clipped a couple of photos from there and ran them through.

Below is the stunning result: a 100% match (which is no surprise�these babies are SO alike).This kind of service is trending in mobile apps too (even for your pets!), though most of the available apps help you find your celebrity look-alike.Who are the look-alikes in your family?

Why not take a screenshot of your results at Twins or Not and share it with us�and on your favorite social media site?ResourcesTools to Highlight Your Great Genealogy Finds�My Name is Jane:� Heritage Scrapbook Celebrates Family TraditionUse Forensic Genealogy Tools: New Technology Sheds Light on HistoryI think this would be a really fun post to share with friends and loved ones!

Will you share it by email or on social media? Thanks! About LisaLisa Louise Cooke is the Producer and Host of the Genealogy Gems Podcast, an online genealogy audio show at She is the author of the books Genealogy Gems: Ultimate Research Strategies and The Genealogist�s Google Toolbox, and the Google Earth for Genealogy DVD series, an international conference speaker, and writer for Family Tree Magazine. So you are looking for face detection software.

You hit the right place!There are basically two approaches. The classical one is to get some code (source or compiled as a library) and use it within your own application.A list of source codes, libraries, Software Development Kits, is listed below.The second emerging approach is to use the power of the Internet, and call web or cloud services.

Let�s start with the most modern concept: WEB SERVICES for Face Detection & RecognitionBy using web services, the client software does not need to bother about libraries or platform dependencies. It simply calls a web server, sends the images to process, and gets back the results. As long as real-time feedback is not an issue, this is an interesting new approach. (If you know of a Web Service that is not listed here, please contribute the information on the Contact page and it will get added).� BioID Face Recognition Web Service Service for identifying persons by face (and/or voice).

Finds faces and sends back standardized face portraits. All methods can be tried with file upload or live webcam recording. There is also a free iOS App offered to use the service for face login.

Needs anonymous registration here and is free for single users.� Betaface Web API Service for face and facial features finding and recognition. Web API including demos, documentation and samples of usage. Free for evaluation or education purposes as well as non-commercial projects.� Lambda Labs Face Recognition API Service for identifying persons by faces. The API provides face recognition, facial detection, eye position, nose position, mouth position, and gender classification.

Needs registration.� Face++ Free face comparison software uses technologies of computer vision and data mining to provide 3 core vision services (Detection, Recognition, and Analysis). Free. Needs registration.� Microsoft Project Oxford Microsoft�s cloud-based face algorithms to detect and recognize human faces in images. Needs registration, currently free up to 5000 usages/month.� Google Vision API Google�s cloud-based image content analysis preview.

Includes face detection (no recognition), but also other interesting things like logo detection, adult scene detection, and many others. Limited preview only, but free to use currently.� FaceR API Face recognition Web API from Animetrics, Inc. Offers face finding and recognition. Needs registration to obtain an API key.� KeyLemon Web Service Face and speaker recognition Web REST API. Registration required.� Meerkat Facial Recognition Face recognition Web API. Free for up to 1000 calls/month.� Haven on Demand Face Detection API Face detection service from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Up to 10K �API units� are free.FREEWARE for face finding and facial recognitionThe bad thing about the internet nowadays is, that you will not find much open source code around anymore. Nevertheless, here is a (hopefully growing) list of what�s available for free�� Google Mobile Vision API Android Mobile Vision API.

This differs from the Google Vision API in that it runs on-device (i.e., no need to communicate with a cloud server). The API supports detecting frontal faces, faces in different poses (e.g., profiles), facial landmarks, etc. and can track faces in video.� Dlib C++ Library Dlib is a general purpose cross-platform C++ library with many machine-learning related algorithms.

Version 1.8 introduced the histogram-of-oriented-gradient (HOG) based object detection, a very powerful technique, very useful for detecting faces. Open Source, free download!� Imacondis Face SDK Imacondis Face SDK is a set of software development tools that allows the creation of applications for face detection, recognition and verification.Algorithms and SDK based on many years of research also conducted at Warsaw University of Technology.

Trial version for non-commercial use.� A Modern Computer Vision Library (libccv) Includes a frontal face detector using SURF cascades. Source code in C is available at Github� Facial landmark detector �flandmark� is an open source C library (with interface to MATLAB) implementing a facial landmark detector in static images. From the Center of Machine Perception, Czech Technical University, Prague.� Semantic Vision Technologies Face and facial features detection libraries for MS Windows.

Free for non-commercial use! From Jacek Naruniec, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland.� Face Detection using Support Vector Machine (SVM) Includes both datasets and code for face detection using Support Vector Machines.� Rank Deficient Faces Face detection demo with library for MS Windows platforms.� Visage Visage is a human computer interface that aims to replace the traditional mouse with the face.� Face Tracking DLL from Carnegie Mellon The Advanced Multimedia Processing Lab (AMP) offers face tracking using color matching combined with deformable templates.

Both DLL for Windows and static library for Linux.� SHORE: Real-time face detection program from FhG-IIS Demo from the Fraunhofer Institute IIS, Germany. Shows face tracking and detection using edge orientation matching. Fast multi-face finding capabilities. SDK available on demand.� Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms Resource for all researchers developing face recognition algorithms from Colorado State University.

It provides a standard set of well known algorithms and established experimental protocols. Includes C source code for face recognition using PCA (Eigenfaces) and Gabor Wavelets!� OpenCV � Intel�s Open Source Computer Vision initiative Now this is really interesting: Intel initiates an open source community for computer vision.

C++ source code for face recognition, motion tracking, and many others. There�s also a mailing list for contributors. Highly recommended! With source code.

Visit OpenCV at Sourceforge Visit OpenCV forum at Yahoo� Computer Vision Source Code Not really about face detection, but nevertheless a very useful collection of image processing code you might need when working in this area.

With source code.COMMERCIAL FACE RECOGNITION SOFTWARE(as of Nov-21-2015)There is a growing number of face recognition software vendors around who offer SDKs (Software Development Kits) for integrating their technology into own applications.

Most of them offer the face finding part as an interface. Nevertheless, it might be hard to get such an SDK without payment�(in alphabetical order:) CompanySDKDocumentationACSYSCanadaAcsys FRS SDKAyonixJapanAyonix FACEID SDKFace-ID SDKBetafaceGermanyBetaface Face SDKBetaface SDKCognitecGermanyFaceVACS SDKFaceVACS SDKKeyLemonSwitzerlandKeyLemon OASISOASIS DocLuxandUSAFaceSDKFaceSDK DocsNEUROtechnologijaLithuaniaVeriLook SDKSightcorpNetherlandsInSight SDKLatest DocsTastenkunstGermanyBeyond RealityFace SDKFace SDK DocsVisageTechnologies ABSwedenVisage SDKIf you know of a commercial SDK about facial finding & recognition that is not listed here, please contribute the information on the Contact page and it will get added! Here you can see some useful face recognition software�that can help you to organize people by face.

If you want to categorize your friends or family members by face, you can use these face recognition software. Facial recognition software also helps you sort people by face and lets you create album of each person easily. Although all of these software don�t have this feature but they come with some very useful options such as � locking your PC with your face, using face as a password for loginface detection to find people etc .Okay check out the list of best Face Recognition Software on your Windows PC. 1.

Picasa � Picasa is one of the best photo organizers that comes with lots of photo management related featuresincluding powerful face recognition�technology�that automatically detect faces of people and sort them by face.If you have thousands of photos in your computer and want to organize all of them by face, Picasa is the best option that also comes with many other features such as lots of photo effects, photo filtersbeautiful photo viewer, video player, one click online sharingphoto correction tools and many other features.

Great free photo software by Google that comes with powerful facial detection feature. 2. BananaScreen � BananaScreen is a useful free facial recognition software that lets you make your computer system secure by locking computer with your face.

The software easily protects your computer from unwanted users and helps you keep your data safe. First install this software and then record your face by using webcam, the software will record your face as a password. It also allows you to use own Windows password in case it doesn�t work. Very useful software that can easily safe all of your important data from others.

You can install this software on your Windows PC free of cost. 3. MAGIX Photo Manager � Featured rich photo manager that comes with a powerful facial detection feature. MAGIX photo manager can be downloaded free of cost on your Windows PC. The software has many useful features such as -beautiful photo manager that can organize your photos by face, automatic face recognition technology, photo album creator, image optimization and many other useful features.

Although free version has some limitation but good for organizing your photos with ease and style. 4. Fotobounce � Fotobounce is a good photo application that helps you download all of your Facebook and Flickr free face comparison software to your hard drive automatically. The software also comes with a useful face recognition feature that lets you tag people by face and browse photos by album or by date. If you have lots of photos on your Facebook or Flickr account, you can install this software to download all of your photos from these social networks automatically.

You can install this software free of cost on your PC. 5. Blink � Blink is a powerful facial recognition software that allows you to log on to the computer with your face. Although Blink is a paid software but you can download free trail version to check�usability�of the software.

Blink is an easy to use security software that protects your computer from unauthorized access. The software lock your Windows PC with your face and blocks other users to access your computer.

Very useful software to protect your Windows PC. HowTo: Select processing options, select one or more images to process, wait for faces to be detected and click action buttons on free face comparison software right of each face.Public free face comparison software you can use for online faces - 40000+ faces of famous - 500095 faces from wikipedia (part 1) - 508830 faces from wikipedia (part 2) - 501254 faces from wikipedia (part 3) - 500262 faces from wikipedia (part 4) Processing options Classify faces (age, gender, ethnicity, smile, etc).

Detect 101 pro facial points. Enable extended geometric and color measurements (skin color, hairstyle etc) - slows down processing. Best face only - return only one face with highest detection score per image. Select images to process We offer ready components, such as face recognition SDKs, as well as custom software development services and hosted web services with a focus on image and video analysis, faces and objects recognition.Our technology is used by video and images archives, web advertising and entertainment projects, media content producers, video surveillance and security software solutions, end user and b2b software developers and others.Betaface facial recognition suite embraces whole range of complex operations from fundamental face detection through face recognition (identification, verification or 1:1, 1:N matching) to biometric measurements, face analysis, face and facial features tracking on video, age, gender, ethnicity and emotion recognition, skin, hair and clothes color detection, hairstyle shape analysis and facial features shape description. 20th Century FoxBAE SystemsBETC (Evian)B-ReelCanonCassidian (EADS)CrayolaDisneyHill HollidayLeigh MardonRoadhouse interactiveWarsaw University of TechnologyWellcome TrustWunderman (Microsoft) Years of research focused on facial recognition;�Robust software for face detection, facial points detection, faces analysis and classification, faces comparison and persons identification in images, video files and live video streams. Betaface�s algorithms are tuned to give best results on images and video of even very low quality, regardless of camera type, lighting conditions, hairstyle or facial hair presence, and with tolerance to head rotation. Software features include advanced face appearance analysis, biometric measurements, functions to identify known persons or extract unknown persons appearances for later identification.

Rich metadata extraction for each face, including age, gender, ethnicity and emotion classification, facial hair and hairstyle detection, glasses detection and more!Our solutions offer high scalability � can process thousands of images per server or multiple video streams simultaneously on each server or PC.We offer support and integration assistance � multiple programming interfaces, project samples and wrappers, including complete web service and database infrastructure.

However, the tools vary in the number of maximum ranks considered. This is understandably so since only Dr. I despise cream of mushroom soup and since every casserole I have ever tried to make calls for a can of cream of (insert vegetable here). Just as with Kid Icarus Uprising a couple years ago, they've poured a free face comparison software of love and energy into it, and I appreciate their work. Boat Bottom Cleaner 1lb - Slimy Grimy. Use iTunes properly, and you can have perfect sound forever encoded efficiently on your free face comparison software and on all your portable players. Cool Uses for Perl. Per chi e free face comparison software ricerca di una giusta via free face comparison software mezzo, restano a disposizione comodi alberghi 3 stelle. Turns out, after several years, or large square bales. In flight from a failed marriage and his own past, he has taken refuge in the luxury hotel trade. You may NOT republish posts in their entirety without our permission. Finding More Free face comparison software Help. Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe recently revealed aspirations to publish a sci-fi novel, but he and his band will be sticking to the realm. Applications are open for organizations interested in becoming Minnesota GreenCorps host sites for the 2016-2017 year. Like other gel ant farms, no food free face comparison software water is necessary, and the whole unit is completely self-contained. The Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Shaver is absolutely the best way to get rid of unwanted back hair. D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G630 Wireless Cardbus Adapter (Rev. XMen Vs Free face comparison software Fighter Android APK Free Download (Original Game). Here you can find all information and instructions about unlocking GSM. Download game of thrones season 2 greek subs Game Of Thrones Season (1- 2 ) me ellhnikous ypotitlous. Socialism never arises in the earlier phases of capitalism, as, for instance, among the pioneers of civilisation in a country where there is plenty of land available for private appropriation by the last comer. Calculating the Events-In-Progress is a very common requirement and many of my fellow bloggers like Chris Webb, Alberto Ferrari and Jason Thomas already blogged about it and came up free face comparison software some really nice solutions. That means sometimes changing the way that they do things.