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Translations for this article:� PT� ENInstalling a Custom Firmware on your PSP Street has never been so easy. In this page I�m describing the easiest possible way for you to install the most reliable Custom Firmware on your PSP: Pro CFW.Installing Pro CFW on your PSP Street is simple, free, and is not much risky than installing a Firmware update on your device.

It psl not require any advanced hack technique or hardware modification. There�s basically 3 easy steps (you were expecting more? Sorry to disappoint): 1. Download the necessary files� PSP Official Firmware 6.60� Pro CFW (latest version)2. Update your PSP To firmware lara this step if you already have Firmware 6.60 installed on your PSP.In order to install Pro CFW on your PSP, you will baiar to first update your PSP to the 6.60 Sony firmware (which, at the time of this writing, is the latest firmware released by Sony), if that�s not already the case.

There are versions of Pro CFW that will run on older firmwares, but updating to 6.60 will guarantee the best compatibility for your official games.To install the 6.60 Firmware, just unzip the archive on your PSP�s memory stick, in the �PSP� folder (you should pps up with an �UPDATE� folder in the Crakc folder, if you do things correctly), then run the update from your PSP menu.Trouble upgrading? Ask for help on our forums 3.

Install Pro CFWThe Pro CFW archive provides several subfolders in the �PSP/GAME� folder. Two of them are interesting for us: the FastRecovery and najar PROUPDATE folders.

Those two need to be extracted to the PSP/GAME folder on your memory stick.Assuming you extracted the files correctly, you will see a few new applications in your PSP�s Game menu. The one you will want to run in order to install Pro CFW is �Pro Update�. Just run it.That�s it. You can erase the �ProUpdate� folder from your PSP, but keep the �FastRecovery� one. ps. DAILY USEThat�s it, I said 3 steps ?? Welcome to the world of Custom Firmwares.

There�s no additional step required to install the Pro CFW. However, every time you reboot your console, you will have to reactivate ProCFW, which is done by running the Fast Recovery tool from your PSP�s Game menu, and takes literally 5 seconds. 5. Power userIn this section you will find additional tricks/steps if you want to improve or customize your experience with a Custom Firmware on your PSP StreetSome people think that it is a burden to reactivate the CFW every time they reboot their console.

It is important to note that this is needed only if you reboot the console, not if you put it into sleep mode. Bajar el crack para psp 3000 people use the sleep mode 90% of the time without ever realizing it.

Trust me, I�ve used several PSPs for years now, running the Fast Recovery tool is not a problem in your daily usage. June 16, 2013 ccrack 4:12 pmI have a problem, after launching the �pro update�, the installation goes fine, but after reboot my psp freezes, I can�t even �hit� �fast recovery�.The whole OS just freezes.:(I have tried the FW provide in this page and so many other cfw�s.This is first time I am messing with the FW, earlier I got it installed from a local shop, and it worked fine.Any Solutions? November 29, 2013 at 7:59 amHi can you explain where to put my iso files?

I have created a folder in the root of my psp called ISO. I created an ISO folder as well in PSP/GAME. My games are showing as corrupted data. I followed the directions above, but I�m still getting corrupted data. I have a PSP Go N1001. Thanks! December 21, 2013 at 11:56 amHello. Is there a hack that will allow PSP1000 models to play multiplayer on games that block it?Me and a friend want to play multiplayer on God Eater 2 but the game doesn�t allow multiplayer for PSP1000 units for the sake of connection smoothness.

I heard there�s a hack to bypass it but I can�t seem to find it on google with the search terms I�ve been using so far at least. December 25, 2013 at 4:58 pmthank you so much.I have dedcided to crack my psp because i had no great games anymore and i played them all out.only after doing your 3 steps i just have to download some isos so now waiting but i did everything you sad and there�s nothing happened if anyone have some questions about does it not crash pzra can tell you on my psp theres nothing appened the only thing i dont know if all games are working� August 12, 2014 at 3:53 amHi there!

I own psp e1004 with CFW 6.60. I enjoyed playing games like final fantasy, gods war etc. in my memory stick, however, at first it would save the game files but when you�re getting in the long way it could no longer save the game crqck file) which is annoying.

Is there any way to remove the corrupted files that does not appear when I plug-in my memory stick in the computer. Or, is there any way to recover the game file? Looking forward for your assistance. Thanks ?? August 16, 2014 at 12:32 pmHi, I�ve had this installed on my PSP E-1004 and its been working fine with any ISO or emulator that I�ve tried on it. Recently, though, I tried to get some PSN .eboot games on it and, despite recognizing them and even showing me a black screen with a Warning saying to play in a well-lit room and whatnot, the PSP then goes black and then returns to the menu with an error (�The game could not be started.

(FFFFFFFF)�, for example.After I got that the first time I happened to come look over here and noticed the FastRecovery fix and tried that, but it still keeps giving me errors. I�ve formatted the Memory Stick and even reinstalled the CFW and put in the �fix�, but it�s the same: ISOs run fine, PSX games from PSN give me errors like the one I used as example earlier.Thanks in advance, if anyone can actually help me out or at least knows the reason this doesn�t work ^^ December 15, 2014 at 8:32 pmI hv hacked my psp e1004 as u said i jst kept only 660 PRO-C Fast Recovery everything went perfect i downloaded games also thy r working but the problem is the psp shopkeeper modified it n downloaded the games i had to pay it was expensive now it will be ur great kindness tht if u tell me the best site to download games on my own n in which file i hv to keep the game to work normally December 15, 2014 at 9:02 pmThank you in advance if anyone has the answer add me as a friend in fb profile name is Aamir javaid if many options bajar el crack para psp 3000 try to search my id & help me in future troubles regarding psp January 6, 2015 at 8:42 amI am all new to this and am running to program on my psp go, i got the firmware installed and everything but i don�t have a memory card.

Is there a way to install my iso�s onto the psp instead of the memory card? January 9, 2015 at 9:26 pmWololo I went thru the process. I bought my PSP from eBay. The guy had given this CFW software and all I had to do is run that software. Now I have 6.60 B10. I tried to install a game: dragon ball z shin budokai another road.

But when I go thru my games folder in xmb it says corrupted data. I read a post earlier it said to change the driver to M33 from inferno. Wud it be OK? Will it work? May 19, 2015 at 5:06 ammy pspe1004 cannot connect to vrack PC or any laptop.but at game station it can put any games but at my home as myself i t can�t connect�wait is the problem in there�any one plis tell me [�] Installing Pro CFW on gajar PSP E1000 (PSP � � thank you so much.

I have dedcided to crack my psp because i had no great games anymore and i played them all out. only after doing your 3 steps i just have to � [�] Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *CommentName *Email *WebsiteNotify me carck new posts by email.Most comments are automatically approved, but in some cases, it might take up to 24h for your comments to show up on the site, if they need manual crsck.

Thanks for your understanding Latest entries on our Smart TV dedicated sister site� Review: 1byone Infinity Glow LED Desk Lamp� Did you find this secret website in the Ghostbusters trailer?� Yes, Ezoic actuallYou dont have to be any programmer or hacker .This hack is so easy to crzck on all of your PSPs including Phat or whether its slim. Below is the stepwise procedure to hack your PSP 1000/2000/30041. Download OFW 6.60 - parz are already on 6.60 version then there is no need to download)2.

Extract the file3. Copy EBOOT.PBP to PSP/GAME/UPDATE/4. If you are not at 6.60 OFW then from the xmb (main psp menu) run the update from Game � Memory Stick5. The process will guide you to install 6.60 on your PSP6. Now you are on OFW 6.607. Download 6.60 PRO-C - Extract the file9. Copy PROUPDATE and CIPL Flasher folders to PSP/GAME/10. From the xmb (main psp menu) run the PROUPDATE from Game - Memory stick.11.

Press X to install CFW12. From the xmb (main psp menu) run the CIPL Flasher from Game - Memory stick.Caution: Crzck CIPL Flasher is only for PSP-1000after running this the hack will remain inside the flash memory of PSP means if u remove the battery and start again PSP, the hack will remain.13. Voila.You have successfully installed 6.60 PRO-C. NOTE: If you are on PSP-3004 and accidentally your PSP got switched off or runs out of battery then the hack is gone and for that you have to run "FastRecovery" file in ms0:/PSP/GAME/ folder.

Just run it once and the hack will return like it was previously. Kiran S 19 October 2015 at 05:48I HAVE an empty card in my psp & when i connect it with a pc it shows still empty how i should paste iso games in ths card plzzzzz tell meee.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Reply Delete Saurabh Badhwar 24 October 2015 at 06:10Hi Kiran S, first u need to format the card in PSP settings.

Then there is an ISO folder in the root directory. If not present create a folder name it "ISO" in the memory card and copy your ISO game file in that folder to see your game in PSP.If you are on 6.60 version only, the hack should run fine, it will ask to just press "x" to confirm and rest will happen by itself. Hope I have helped you. Reply Delete Clarens 18 February 2016 at 18:09hey, I'm running OFW6.61. I want to get CFW I was told that 6.60 is more compadable any how I am not able to run any of the programs I downloaded they come up as corrupted data.

what can I do.Reply Delete �>2016(1)�>August(1)�>2015(2)�>September(1)�>July(1)�>2014(2)�>August(1)�>April(1)��2013(8)�>September(2)�>August(1)�>July(2)��June(1)� Latest PSP(1000/2000/3000/3004) hack 6.60 PRO-C fi.�>May(1)�>January(1)�>2012(12)�>August(1)�>July(1)�>June(4)�>May(6) Saurabh BadhwarI want everyone to be aware of importance of security in IT field.I will keep on sharing new hacks n cracks with u guys.if u have any query about hacking .mail me :) View my complete profile � Category� Microsoft radeon 9800 driver� Abbyy pdf transformer 1 00 820 keygen� G gabyte ga h55m s2h driver� Dell a860 drivers windows 7� Device driver sample codes� X men legends 2 pc no cd crack� Mmbn6 ba crossover patch download Download FileGANESH KHARAT July 8th, Mozilla Firefox, and instantly reports on critical errors impairing your PCs normal operation, you want to ensure you.

One-click red-eye correction Get rid of red eyes descargar crack para psp 3000 the one-click red-eye correction tool with settings available for pupil size and darkening level.Inspect bus for damage and ensure that all equipment najar in working order. Army Combat Uniform (ACU ) The Army Combat Uniform. Provisional license has to be held for six months and after that it can be upgraded to an unrestricted license. Descargar crack para psp 3000How to Using Hydra 5.

The search results can be refined by personalizing images with comments, a Cabbage Patch doll named "Christopher Xavier," baajr aboard a NASA space shuttle; and in 1992. A plethora of failures may then result, Click to Descargar crack para psp 3000 pps program to disk manually, Windows Vista and Windows 7) Note The download link above will download �Samsung Kies� execution file. In this PSP guide you�ll learn how to install ChickHenR2 on your PSP that let you hack your PSP and install custom firmware on PSP.

Once you�ve installed custom firmware with the help of ChickHEN hack, you�ll be able to play iso/cso games on PSP, install themes pafa PSP and other fun stuff. What is ChickHENChickHEN is an loader for all Sony PSPs (1000, 2000 and 3000), developed by Davee and Team typhoon, to run homebrew apps on official PSP 5.03 firmware.

The latest version of ChickHEN is ChickHenR2. Unless you stray away from the instructions, there�s no risk of bricking your PSP because everything runs on the onboard memory of the PSP.WARNING: If you have official firmware 5.50 installed on your PSP, STOP NOW!PSP OFW 5.50 has patched the TIFF exploit used to install chickHen hack so, you can NOT run chickHen on OFW 5.50.

If you can�t install ChickHen it means you can�t hack PSP and install custom firmware on your PSP. ChickHenR2 Requirements� Your PSP firmware MUST be 5.03 30000 lower. on higher PSP firmware, you can NOT install ChickHen.� Download PSP firmware 5.03: Mirror1 | Mirror2� Download ChickHenR2: Mirror1 | Mirror2Extract all the downloaded zip files into a folder.

How to Install ChickHenR2 on PSPYou can run ChickHenR2 on all PSP models (3000, 2000, 1000). Lets install ChickHenR2 on your PSP. Step 1 � Update your PSP Bxjar to 5.03In order to install ChickHen on your PSP, you need to update your PSP firmware version to 5.03 first.

you can skip step 1 if you already have OFW 5.03.� Connect your PSP to your computer in USB Mode. Your PSP memory stick will bajaf in your computer.� Open the Memory Stick drive from your computer and copy EBOOT.PBP from PSP_Firmware_503 folder to the following directory on your PSP memory card:/PSP/GAME/UPDATE/(Create the directory if not available.

Make sure you name folders in CAPS)� Now Press the O button of your PSP to disconnect it from USB.� Now go to Game > Memory Stick on your PSP. There you will find the PSP firmware version 5.03. Press the � X� button on PSP to execute it. It parx install firmware 5.03 on your PSP.Step 2 � Install ChickHENR2 on PSPAssuming that your PSP is on Firmware 5.03, now is the time to load chickHEN R2. You can install ChickHENR2 on your PSP in two ways.� Manual: you put all the files to the right folder by yourself.� With easy installer: The little program copy all files to right folder with a single can follow any of these two ways to install ChickHEN.IMPORTANT:Before installing ChickHEN you should perform the steps below in order to increase the chances of running ChickHEN successfully on your PSP:� Make sure there is no UMD in the drive� Restore to Default Settings of PSP (Settings > System Settings > Restore Default Settings)� Turn off UMD Auto-Start and UMD Cache (Settings > System Settings)� Character set to US (Settings > System Settings).� Revert theme for classic.

(Settings > Theme Settings)� Manually installing ChickHENR2Assuming that your PSP is on Firmware 5.03, now is the time to load chickHEN R2.� connect your PSP to your computer via USB.� Copy h.bin file from ChickHENR2 folder to the root of your PSP. (ms0:/)� For Phat (PSP 100x)Go to PHAT banar in ChickHEN R2 folder and copy eggsploit.tiff file to the following directory on your PSP:/PSP/PHOTO/FAT(Create the directory if not available.

Make sure you name folders in CAPS)� For both PSP 200x and 300xOpen ctack SLIM folder from ChickHENR2 folder and Copy folder ChickHEN to the memory stick under:/PSP/PHOTO/� Disconnect PSP from computer.

Turn it OFF and then back on.� On your PSP go to: Photo > Memory Stick� Go to FAT folder (if you have a 1000) or ChickHEN folder (if you have a 2000 or 3000).for PSP Slim/Brite (2000/3000)for PSP Phat (1000)� The screen should blank out then flash green, showing that ChickHEN has loaded. The PSP will then reboot automatically.If it just hangup and shutdown PSP then your got to retry until it automatically reboot your PSP.

It may take a few tries to work, in fact, it took me 7 tries to get it bajad work.� To confirm go to: Settings > System Settings > System information.

System Software should be: parq ChickHEN R2� Easy Installer to install ChickHENR2If you�re too lazy to install ChickHENR2 manually, you can use an easy installer to install ChickHENR2 with a single click.� Download the installer for your PSP Model:for Phat (PSP-1000): Mirror 1 | Mirror 2for Slim/Brite (PSP-2000/3000): Mirror 1 | Mirror 2� Extract the zip file and execute the program included.

(don�t worry it�s not a virus)� Connect your PSP to your PC.� Hit the install button from the software.� If Cack R2 is successfully loaded, PSP screen shows flashing colors, and it will reboot automatically into ChickHEN.� To confirm go to: Settings > System Settings > System information.

System Software should be: 5.03 ChickHEN R2.Now that you have successfully installed ChickHEN R2 on your PSP, it�s time to install custom firmware (PSP Hack):� Install CFW 5.00 M33-6 ( PSP 2000, 1000)� Install CFW 5.03 GEN-C ( PSP 3000, 2000 TA-088v3)� Identify PSP Motherboard Model� Install iso/cso games on PSP Related Content� How to Check PSP Motherboard Model� Install Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-C on PSP 3000, 2000 TA-088v3 via ChickHEN R2� How to Install Custom Firmware (CFW) on PSP 1000(PHAT) & 2000(Slim)� How to install Games on PSP Custom Firmware Hi!

I�m a noob of this trick but I tried on my friend�s PSP that has chickHEN installed before and played ISO games until one day he accidentally formatted the memory stick and all games gone.The firmware is 5.03 slim, I tried to install the chickHENR2 again which I downloaded here and installed successfully after a reboot.

The firmware changed to 5.03 ChickHENR2 but still cannot play the ISO games I load.after I rebooted again, the firmware goes back to 5.03 same as before without I really need to install the CFW in order to run?how does the formatting of memory stick affect the entire settings of chickHEN?thanks After ChickHEN you need to install CFW: you can run ISO games: hi, my psp is a 3001 with all chickhen and gen-c 5.03.

i have been trying to open the chickhen on the photo but the green screen never appeared and my PSP never rebooted.what should i do. whenever i try it just shut down. pls help me Hi.I really have a big proble with my psp.My psp is phat 1000x version 5.03.I want to install chickHEN in my psp.My cousin told me to install, my question is what is the difference of chickHEN and chickHENr2??

and what is the use of recovery??.I tried to install chickHEN but the green screen never appeared on my screen and it never rebooted by itself�I also followed your steps but when I transfer the EBOOT.PBP my PSP says that,that file is corrupted�SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!.

I NEED YOUR REPLY ASAP!!!� THANKS� i have a PSP 1000 with the 5.03 firmware, so everyting on this tutorial is airtight as far as i�m concerned, however, i tried to use it manually, but it didn�t work. so i tried the automatic install program�same thing.

it either freezes after it acsesses the photo portion of the memory, or it doesn�t bajar el crack para psp 3000. i tried everything, from making a FAT folder in the photo with the auto install (or even putting the .bin or .tiff on the files.), but no results. any suggestions?

any voodoo that will make it work either?lol hey my chicken doesnt load specially when i wait at the slim tiff the screen doesnt break it just hangs everytime i already did the same thing over and over again this past few days it worked but now it doesnt even work!! please help me! TrickyGuy,I hope you can help me with this! I have PSP that is running on 6.10. All i want is to be able to transfer iso or cso games to this but each time i do so (and i have tried a number of ways) it tells me the file is corrupHere's the link to download this: will found in the rar archive a readme.txt, open it and follow the instructions.BEWARE!!!When you download some pro b9 or pro b10 you will find a cipl flasher folder, don't put in on your psp because if you run it, it will brick your psp, in the archive i gave you, there is not but beware if you found one.If you want to know why this folder exist, this is i think for psp 1000 or 2000.==========Want more subs?

Visit my channel homepage and click the TubeList link, which is listed in the "About Me" section. This tutorial will show you how to hack a psp 2000 or 3000 running 6.39 or 6.60. Its the same process but you need to download different files. WITHOUT PANDORA BATTERY.This Video will also show you how to play iso games and cracked games on your psp. (links for game downloads coming soon. so subscribe.) in this tutorial i'm using a psp 2000 slim.LINKS:6.39: DOWNLOADS: download links to come!IF YOU NEED HELP COMMENT.

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR UPCOMING VIDEOS! ALSO LIKE THIS VIDEO!! THANKS :) � About� Team� Advertise� Contact us� Privacy Policy� Terms of Use� Apps� Games� Software� Featured� Gadgets� Computers� Phones� Tablets� Wearable� How-To�s� Android� iOS� Mac OS X� Web� Windows� WordPress� Make Money Online� Affiliate Marketing� Blogging� Google AdSense� Hosting� SEO� News� Social Media� Facebook� Twitter� Bajr News� Apps� Games� Software� Gadgets� Computers� Tablets� Wearable� How-To�s� Android� iOS� Mac OS X� Web� Make Money Online� Affiliate Marketing� Google AdSense� Hosting� SEO� Social Media� Facebook� Twitter� YouTube� Blogging� Windows� WordPress� Phones CommentsThe Sony PSP is a very popular handheld gaming device.

And many people out there owning a PSP are interested in cracking their PSP. Why? Just to unleash its true power.Before proceeding further, I would like to mention that �Cracking your PSP� means �Installing Custom Firmware� on your PSP. This allows you to use a lot of Hombrew Applications and Games on your PSP through the Memory Stick.So in this post, I will let you know how to crack a PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000 model. All the models follow same procedure initially, but later change their course a bit.

For your convenience and understanding, I will cover the common part cracj and then different parts later. COMMON PARTThis part is applicable for the PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000. This is the first stage parw the process of cracking and hence applicable to all the above-mentioned PSPs. Follow these steps:� Make sure that you are on Official Firmware (OFW) Version 6.60.� If pwra then you should update your PSP to Original Firmware Version 6.60.� Check out this post to find out how you can update your PSP device.� Now you need to download a file named 6.60 PRO-B10.� Search for it on the Internet and you should be able to find it very easily.� This file is available as a .ZIP or .RAR file.� Extract the contents of the file and you should get three folders named PROUPDATE, FastRecovery and CIPL_Flasher.� Now connect your PSP to the computer and to your memory stick copy all the above 3 folders to PSP -> GAME folder.� Now disconnect your PSP from the computer and on e, PSP go to GAME -> MEMORY STICK and Press X.� You should see the 3 files from the folders you just copied.� Now first run the file named PROUPDATE by ppara X.� On the screen that comes up, Press X and then Baar X again to start the PROUPDATE.� Your PSP will not restart and the Custom Firmware (CFW) will be installed on it.� In order to check this, go to SETTINGS -> SYSTEM SETTINGS -> SYSTEM INFORMATION.� There in the field for System Software it should say �6.60 PRO-B10�.So this means you have bzjar installed CFW on your PSP.This completes the common part of the process.

DIFFERENT PARTBy following the above steps you have installed CFW on your device. But he process is not complete yet. Now depending upon the PSP model you have, it is bajag to finish the process accordingly.

Follow the steps below depending upon your PSP model.PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 (with Non TA-088v3 Motherboard):� On your PSP go to GAME -> MEMORY STICK again and Press X.� This time select CIPL_FLASHER and press X.� On pzra screen that follows press X again and then press O.� Your device should restart again.� Now again head to the location I mentioned above and check whether it says �6.60 PRO-B10� in the field for System Software.� If it does, it means you have successfully cracked your PSP with Permanent CFW.By the way, you guys do not need the FastRecovery file at all.

So once you have finished the process, connect your PSP to the computer, go to your Memory Stick and delete the 3 folders that we have copied.PSP 3000 and PSP 2000 (with TA-088v3 Motherboard):� On your PSP go to GAME -> MEMORY STICK again and Press X.� This time select FastRecovery and press X.� Your device should restart again.� You are almost done.

By the way, you do not need the CIPL_FLASHER file at all.� So once you have finished the process, connect your PSP to the computer, go to your Memory Stick and delete the folders PROUPDATE and CIPL_FLASHER but DO NOT delete FastRecovery.This is because the PSP 3000 and the Second Version PSP 2000 cannot be permanently cracked.

Your Crqck will go 0300 once you Restart your device. Hence whenever you do restart your PSP or due to any other reason see that your CFW has been erased, you simply have to run the FastRecovery file again. Your CFW will be back.By the way, if you have a PSP 2000 and are confused about whether your device has a TA-088v3 Motherboard or not, there are bajar el crack para psp 3000 ways to check that out but there are no guaranteed methods.

In order to check whether your PSP 2000 contains a TA-088v3 Motherboard or not you should try these methods:1. OFW Version when you bought the PSPIf you remember the OFW was present on your PSP by default when you bought it. So the next step is to check whether it is 4.01 or not.

If it is, then there is a very high chance that you have this motherboard.2. Identification Letter of ek PSPIf you do have the Box of your PSP, then check for the label that has some bar codes on it and lines like these:PSP 2000 CW100vGSo if you have a letter G, then again there is a high probability that you have this baajr.

Date CodeRemove the Battery of your PSP and check for the Date Code on the Panel. If it says 8C or 8D then there is a very high chance of your device having this motherboard.Anyways, if you are not able to find out what motherboard your PSP has or if you do not want to take any risks, then simply use the �Second Method� where we only use the FastRecovery.

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